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Water Filter Pitcher
Product Name:Water Filter Pitcher
Water Filter Pitcher
Model: HWP-100C

Volume: 2.5L
Purified water volme: 1.3L
Life of the cartridge: 300L (2  month)
Counter: dial
Media in filter cartridge
Active carbon: dual featuring performance of nice physical
and chemical absorption ability, absorb all kinds of substance
made up of small molecule or big molecule selectively to
deodorize and disinfect, decontaminant and purify. Get rid of
some toxicant, such as hydroxybenzene, Hg, Lead, Arsenic,
Chlorid, etc. having regeneration ability and long life.
It applies for pure water-making, softening, hard water, wet
purification for gold, rare element separating, etc. It can
exchange some heavy metal Ion in water, such as magnesium,
calcium carbonate. calcium carbonate.
Filter cartridge Volume: 190L
Filtering speed:>0.3L per minute
It need usually 3 minutes or so to filter one full reservoir of
water, and each cartridge can filter 150 pitchers of water.
96% chlorine reduction;
Taste and Odor reduction;
Particular reduction;
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