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Water Ionizer Machine
Product Name:Water Ionizer Machine

Ionized Alkaline Water Filter Machine
Model: HWM-70


1.ionized alkaline water
2. seven filters
3. alkaline water
4. daily appliance
5. ce certification

Energy water machine
Name: ionized alkaline water 
Materials: plastic, filters, resin
Applicable water: 5°C~ 45°C
Water source: municipally tap water
Water flow rate: 2.5L/MIN
Ph Value: ≥8.0
Orp value: ≤-100mv
no electricity operated, compact home appliance
desktop design or wall-mounted design
seven filters, thirteen purified system
easy to operate and maintain
alkaline water generating machine
it is a perfect home appliance.

seven filters system, thirteen grades filter
alkaline water with small molecule can improve people’s system 
Eliminate carcinogen and heavy metal ion in the water.
Curb bacteria enhance the resistance to improve body energy.
Enhance the oxygen in the water, eliminate chlorine from it.
Alkaline water is healthy for the old and child for everyday drinking.
It has great effect in cooking, washing and cleaning.
A perfect appliance for home or office.

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