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Air Purifier
Product Name:Air Purifier
HEPA Air Purifier
Model: HAP-23A

Suitable for using in all indoor environments including home and office
Capability of purifying indoor air pollutants including bacteria, harmful gases, viruses, Animals fur, unpleasant odors, funguses, dust, cigarette smoke and pollen
Noise level: 26dB
Equipped with remote control
LCD display to show working condition
Adjustable timer button for 1 to 12 hours
Fan speed button on/off button for power on/off button for ionizer
Ionizer to eliminate dust and unpleasant odors
4-layer filter with 4-stage air purification:
Prefilter to eliminate large airborne pollutants with larger size than 20μ such as dust and animals fur
HEPA filter to eliminate >99.97% of air borne pollutants with larger size than 0.3μ
Cold catalyst filter to decompose harmful gases in air such as formaldehyde/carbon monoxide/ammonia/hydrogen sulfide
Activated carbon filter to absorb harmful gases/unpleasant odors and especially cigarette smoke
Coverage area: 30m2
Air flow rate: 853/h
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