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Alkaline Stick
Product Name:Alkaline Stick
Alkaline Water Stick  
Model: HWF-088

1. Tenis shape stainless steel design with lockage equipement
2. Simply used, without install, and it fit all vessels
3. The way of producing water is various: you can put it into 1.2-1.5L tea
pot to heating and boiling, also you can dip it into 300-500ml cool water
and hot water
4. Wide appliable scope: it can be used on running water, mineral water,
purified water
5. Long lifetime: one person can use it for 5years, filter 2000-5000L water
6. Using our active water to brew tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, wine and so
on they will taste mellow
7. Active water, which has high negative potential, can eliminate senescene-free
radical. Active water is the most convenient, effective and cheapest way to
get rid of free redical. It's the best approach to prevent from senscence.
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