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Ice Cream Maker
Product Name:Ice Cream Maker
Rating:110-220V~ 50/60HZ 135W 
Fully automatic ice cream maker with built-in compressor. 
1.2L ice cream can be made within 50min and no prefreezing 
is needed. 
DIY various ice creams with your family and friends will 
brings you more funny. 
Cooling range –18℃~ –35℃. 
LCD display indicates you the inside temperature and 
remaining making time. 
Digital timer can be freely set to 10,30,40,50min. 
Elegent, solid stainless steel design. 
Non-stick coating removable bowl, easy for cleaning. 
Refill inlet allows you to add your favorite nuts and fruits 
freely during working. 
Can also be used to make gelato,sorbet, sherbet, frozen 
yogurt and etc. 
Four function buttons"POWER", "-", "+"  and  "START/STOP" 
Noise level:≦50dB(A) [ambient noise level ≦17dB(A)

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