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Beer Cooler
Product Name:Beer Cooler

Thermal Electric Cooling Beer Dispenser
Model: HBD-538

Fresh and cold beer dispenser at home. 
Available for universal 5L keg and Heineken keg.. 
16g standard CO2 bottle. 
Superior water cooling system based on traditionally thermoelectric  
cooling technology. 
2℃ lowest temperature. 
LED temperature display, temperature can be adjustable. 
Elegant and solid stainless steel design. 
Classic tap,easy to handle.  
Removable drip tray. 
Can be used as a beverage cooler with a special-made 5L beverage keg. 
Capacity: 5L 
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz 
Power consumption: 65W 
Lowest temperature: 2℃ 

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