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Yogurt Maker
Product Name:Yogurt Maker
Yogurt Maker 
Model: HYM-151
1.5L capacity Yogurt Maker with unique design;
With Fermentation (35℃-45℃) and Cooling (2℃-10℃) functions.
Green LED display will show the leftover of fermentation time and show the sign"L" of cooling condition
The settable fermentation time is 1--24hours. It depends on;
Unique design that the cooling function make the yogurt down to 5 ℃±3℃ and keep it fresh all the time
Four buttons: STOP/START/ "+"/"--"
1pc removable milk bottles and one spoon;
The machine has memory function on the fermentation timing
Capacity: 1.5L
Voltage: 100V/50Hz or 60Hz
Display:Green LED
Power consumption: 10W
Color:Blue (be optional)
Housing material:Plastic
Noise level:≦50dB(A) [ambient noise level ≦17dB(A)]
Unit dimensions(WxDxH): 181x250x253mm
Net Weight: 2.35kgs
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