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Energy Water Machine
Product Name:Energy Water Machine

8-Stage Energy Water Filter Machine
Model: HWM-702A


1,Advanced Water Filter cartridge
2,6-8 times oxygen
3,Easy for absorbing
4,8-stages filter
5,Add energy 
1,Change the tap water into alkaline water
2,Enhance 6-8 times oxygen of the water
3,Eliminate carcinogen and heavy metal ion in the water
4,Enhance the negative ion and oxygen in the water that the body needs, in order to keep healthy.
5,This can be used daily home with small cubage to take easily.
6,No side effect,care about family health.
Filters function:
1, Magnet:
Qucik filtration,strong sewage capability and long using cycle
2,Far infrared energy ceramic granule:
Enhance the oxygen of the water and add energy
3, High efficient coconut shell active carbon:
Uniform particles,good adsorption performance and good taste.
4, Mineralization granule:
Have strong bateriostasis function to colon bacillus and others.
Eliminate 99.98% heavy metal and reduce scaling.
6,High energy coconut shell active carbon:
Same as 3
7,Strong acidic cation resion:
Softening water
8,Ceramic filter layer:
Eliminate the harmful chemicals and remain the calcium,magnesium which is good for human’s health.
Competitive Advantages
1,Well and High Quality Control ,
2,Prompt Delivery ,
3,New Product ,
4,Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome ,
5,Earth-friendly Products ,
6,Small Order Acceptable ,
7,OEM Accepted,Original manufacturer with more than 20 years experience

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