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Compressor Beer Cooler
Product Name:Compressor Beer Cooler

Compressor Cooler Beer Keg Frige
Pull top to dispense cold and refreshing beer
Easy to install the unit according to instruction manual
Easy to use draft dispenser
Could remove the unit freely as the adjustable caster wheel
Handy drip tray
Capacity :170 liters/6.0 Cubic feet
Rated current :1.9A
Rated frequency:  60Hz
Rated voltage: 110V

inclusd many accessory: Keg coupler,glass marble,rubber choke 
CO2 regulator,beer tower tap/beer hose assemble,
beer tower washer,high pressure washer,air hose
Drip pan top,keg base board,beer tower hole cover
CO2 tank valve,guard rail,beer tap wrench

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